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Newborn Baby Sessions

“Watch Me Grow” Custom Newborn Baby Sessions are designed to capture those magical moments of a brand new baby’s first week of life. During this time your precious child will change and grow very quickly. Newborn Infants between 3 to 10 days old are photographed in a more curled up and compact fashion that artistically captures this brief and beautiful stage of their tiny lives. This highly requested look is very desirable and can only be achieved during the very early days of infancy before the child begins to stretch out their limbs and elongate their form. There is a very short window of opportunity to get these type of sleepy baby photos and the most successful sessions happen when the baby is between 3 to 7 days old.

Newborn Sessions from $199

For more information on Newborn Sessions, please call 724.285.6205 and visit my additional website specializing in Newborn and Baby Photography at:

"Watch Me Grow!" Baby Plans & Individual Sessions

"Watch Me Grow" custom photo sessions are the perfect way to capture those fleeting moments during baby's first 18 months when they change and grow so quickly.  The Watch Me Grow Baby Plans are a series of individual photography sessions at different ages.  Various WMG Baby Plans are available that include combinations of sessions from Newborn through 18mo old. Single sessions at any age are also available. Newborns are photographed between 3-10 days old.  

The style of the "Watch Me Grow" sessions is very relaxed, natural and casual with emphasis on capturing expressions, moods, and personality.  Simple and casual posing and guidance is given when needed. Each session is customized to be unique and special. I have many backgrounds, fabrics, props and posing items that are used in each customized session. For more information on WMG Sessions, please visit my additional website specializing in Maternity, Newborn and Baby Photography at:

~ WMG Single Sessions from $99
~ WMG Baby Plans from $349